Thursday, July 1, 2010



  1. Just some background for help--twins are officially full term at 36-37 weeks (depending on which source you use). The little floating babies to the right tell you how far along these two are. The official due date is July 27th but the just-in-case c-section is scheduled for July 22nd. Each baby has been over 5 pounds for a few weeks.

  2. July 15th! If you're already going to have to share the birthday attention with your sibling, you might as well throw your father into the mix for good measure! (I am very good at understanding fetus logic)
    Also, I'm guessing two boys--our extended family is very good at producing fellas!

  3. Two boys on July 21st. They are going to keep you guessing as long as possible!

  4. I'm going with July 20, a boy first, then a girl. And I don't think they'll have sex, 'cause that would be gross. If I win, can I have a bunch of your plays so I can promote them at my Kid's school? They do two plays per year, one in the 4th-6th grade, and one in 7th-8th.


    PS: Do you have to get everything right in order to win, or are you going with the person who's the closest?

  5. Two boys on July 14.

  6. Do you know that I can't comment on your link unless I use Tessa's gmail account? I'm a little outraged....

    Anyway - it's going to be two boys (is that because Noah is one of two boys born to my sister?)... July 20th... It just came to me... I know I'm right...

  7. Twin girls on July 17th. You heard it here first!

  8. XANNY -- I can email you all my unpublished plays if you're interested. Check out samples here --

    Yeah, we'll be taking the closest guess. The guess of the sexes will only be used in the event of a tie. For instance, if Person A guessed Octvemberch 23 and Person B guessed Octvemberch 25 and the twins were born on Octvemberch 24, we'd use the sex guess as a tie breaker ... assuming they don't both guess the same sexes or aren't both wrong.

    KATHY -- I think I fixed it, though I was kind of excited to think that Tessa was commenting.

    And now, just to archive them, here are some guesses I got via email:

    DOYNE: add my guess--July 7, 2 girls

    TOM: July 17th. both girls. Happy and joyous anyway it turns out.

    LACEY: Here is my guess for the babies: one boy and one girl, boy being born first, July 13th.

    CARRIE: I think I'll go with...July 14, 7pm, 2 girls.

    JASON: I would like to register my predeiction as July 8th 2010 and two girls with the oldest coming out first.

    JULIE: I vote that you and Amanda will have one boy, born first, and one girl on July 12th!

  9. More guesses I have received:

    JANET AND KENT: July 17, boy first and then girl.

    MANDY: a girl and then a boy on July 11

    HOLLACE: July 21, a girl first and then a boy.