Thursday, June 10, 2010

TV Generation


  1. Just for the record, the birth in the season finale of GLEE was tied into an elaborate performance of Bohemian Rhapsody...

  2. Yeah, I realized after I recorded this that I forgot about Glee. I love Glee, dearly, but in a season that strained all manner of credulity, this may have been the biggest stretch --

    Now, Bohemian Rhapsody is a long song, but let's have a look at what happened between the time the song started and the time of the award ceremony.

    Quinn's water breaks and EVERYONE rushes to the hospital.

    Quinn is taken to labor and delivery, bringing her mother, Puck, and Mercedes with her. Everyone else returns to the theatre.

    Quinn goes through labor and delivery, a process which usually lasts 12 hours at the least, especially for a first time mother with hips slimmer than her head. Now, we can assume that Quinn did not LITERALLY give birth while Vocal Adrenaline's song was still going on, but rather during the judges' deliberation.

    Mercedes returns to the theatre and puts her costume back on.

    The awards are given out.

    So we have to assume there is a several hour gap between when Vocal Adrenaline finished their song and the awards were given, during which time the judges were deliberating. Realistically, it would be nearly 24 hours. But in anything REMOTELY like this planet it would have to be at least four or five.

    So the audience came to this event and watched three performances by Glee clubs, lasting, at the most 30 minutes. They then ... waited for five hours to find out who won?

    Maybe there was a raffle during intermission.