Monday, April 26, 2010

Live and Let Diaper


  1. "Squat Pants" is not good. "Squat Pants" makes "Bum Genius" sound awesome.

  2. It's not great, but at least it's actual wordplay! (a play on Hot Pants, if you were wondering) I will take a bad pun over a meaningless bit of pseudo-punnery any day of the week!

  3. Noah.
    1. I remain thrilled by the prospect of your impending fatherhood.
    2. Rump-elstiltskin(sp?) is not a better name because i have no idea what that product is. Bum genius at least gives me a really good clue when I'm looking at the package trying to figure out what's up.
    3. This most recent blog made me psychosomatically smell baby poop. Gross. But powerful. You have used media in a powerful-yet-gross way.
    4. I'm worried you're being naive about the cloth diapers but I believe in you and your washer and your sunny CA line so . . . good luck. I'll look forward to the follow-up after the kidlettes arrive.
    5. keep up the good work vlog-wise!

  4. Haha dude you're awesome. PS we were planning on cloth diapers before our twins popped out too, but soon realized we were more lazy than cheap. Twins wear down your willpower.

  5. Ha. The music in the time lapse had me try imagine other ways it would be used... as opposed to background music for punnery. Oh, and maybe I misheard, but it sounded like you were saying at first it was called "bone genius" which might be a pun. ?